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Henry® Adhesives

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Now a brand of Ardex Americas, Henry® Adhesives leads the flooring industry in reliability. Targeting specific floor structures proves excellent outcomes.

Pioneers of Adhesives

Henry Adhesive Applications

Since 1933

Henry's Multipurpose Adhesive
Henry® Multipurpose Adhesives

Multipurpose Adhesives specifically formulated with a dual purpose in mind. Installers may choose an adhesive that is suitable for both carpet and sheet flooring.

Henry VCT Adhesives
Henry® VCT Adhesive

Adhesives made for vinyl composition tile have ample working times, excellent initial grab, excellent trowelability and can be used over "cutback" adhesive.

Henry Vinyl Sheet Tile and Plank Adhesives
Henry® Vinyl Sheet Tile & Plank Adhesives

Designed to use with any vinyl backed flooring goods including LVT and LVP. Suitable for frequently renovated areas.

Henry Carpet Adhesives
Henry® Carpet Adhesives

Carpet Adhesives that work with versatile carpet backings, reduce edge curl, develop early bonding and offer a strong rebond when needed.

Henry Outdoor Carpet Adhesives
Henry® Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

Outdoor Carpet Adhesive that has excellent bond integrity and ample working times formulated to be waterproof and used in variable temperatures.

Henry Carpet Accessories Adhesives
Henry® Carpet Accessories

Adhesives for Carpet Pads and Carpet Seams are low odor, nonflammable and easy cleanup. They are extremely versatile and work with most carpet backings and dry clear.

Henry Solid Wood Parquet and Engineered Hardwood Adhesives
Henry® Solid Wood Parquet
& Engineered Hardwood Adhesive

Use HENRY’s wood flooring adhesives for wood floor coverings, like solid wood, engineered wood plank, wood parquet flooring, and cork underlayment or sheet underlayment that recommends glue down installations.

Henry Cove Base Adhesives
Henry® Cove Base Adhesives

Premium, high-performance Cove Base Adhesives offer the right solution for any type of commercial or residential installation of rubber, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and vinyl cove base.

Henry Construction and Specialty Adhesives
& Specialty Adhesives

Henry's industrial grade solutions for all kinds of contractor jobs- Adhesives that cure a wide range of commercial and residential construction issues.

In 2000, the W.W. Henry Company became a part of ARDEX Americas, and today Henry® is one of the pillars of the ARDEX Americas brands. Since the 50s, Henry® has lead the flooring industry as a top manufacturer of adhesives.

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