Sigma® Installation Accessories- Trowel Beat

Sigma® Installation Accessories

Sigma® installation accessories assist with glue down tile installations, setting tile, grouting and grout cleanup.

Sigma® Glue Down Accessories

Sigma® Installation Accessories- Move Tool


Vendor Item #51G - Stock Item #SI-TO MOV-CUP

Proper Tile Alignment

The MOVE suction bar is indispensable for the correct approach of large format tiles. Easily adjusts any joint difference between the tiles during tile installation. Four strong stain-free suction cups adheres to any rough tile.

  • Rough and large format tiles
  • Stain free
  • Approximately 30" long

Package: 1 Bar / Ctn

Sigma® Installation Accessories- Trowel Beat


Vendor Item #42E - Stock Item #SI-TO TROWEL

Properly Align Slabs

Beat tile trowel specific for the correct expulsion of air from under the tile. After the levelers are evenly distributed, manually hammer the tile using Sigma's beat trowel to ensure complete discharge of air, starting from the center working towards the sides in the same direction of the thinset.

  • Durable
  • Stain Free Materials
  • 16x33cm, 6.5" x 13.25"

Package: 1 Beat / Kit

Sigma® Grout Accessories

Sigma® Installation Accessories- Wash tub kit #M8


Vendor Item #47M8 - Stock Item #SI-TO TUB

Grout Cleanup Tub

Kit includes Wash tub, 2 rollers, bucket wheels and sponge float.

  • 56x29x30cm, 22"x11.5"x12"
  • Drilled wringing rollers- steel pin

Package: 1 Kit / Ctn

Also available:
Vendor Item #100534 - Stock Item #SI-TO ROLL
Drilled wringing roller with steel pin for #47M8 Wash tub.

Sigma® Installation Accessories- High absorbent sponge with handle


Vendor Item #48L7 - Stock Item #SI-TO SPO-HAND

Release with one finger

Aids in tile grouting and cleanup.

  • Durable
  • 30x14x3cm, 12"x6"x1.5"

Package: 2 parts / Kit

Also available:
Vendor Item #48L7R - Stock Item #SI-TO SPONGE
Sponge to Float

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