Henry 356 carpet and carpet tiles job installation sample

Henry Carpet Accessories Adhesives

Henry® Carpet Accessories Adhesives for Carpet Pads and Carpet Seams are low odor, nonflammable and easy cleanup. They are extremely versatile and work with most carpet backings and dry clear.

HENRY 377 Carpet Pad Adhesive

HENRY® 377

Vendor Item #377- Style #AR-ADH 377-1GAL

Carpet Pad Adhesive

A premium, installer-grade adhesive for the installation of all residential carpet padding, including jute, hair, rubber, urethane, or rebond.

  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • No reportable hazardous substances (per OSHA 29 FR 1910.1200)
  • Nonflammable
  • No organic solvents
  • Packaging: 1 GAL 4PCS/CTN
HENRY 248 Carpet Seam Adhesive


Vendor Item #248- Style #AR-ADH 248-1PT

Carpet Seam Adhesive

HENRY┬« 248 SeamProÔäó Carpet Seam Adhesive is a high-strength, versatile carpet seam adhesive designed for all carpet backings, including vinyl.

  • Extremely versatile: for all carpet backings, including vinyl
  • High tensile strength: seams will not pull apart
  • Dries clear: transparent seams
  • Easy cleanup: cleans up with water
  • Packaging: 1 PINT 12/CTN
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In 2000, the W.W. Henry Company became a part of ARDEX Americas, and today Henry® is one of the pillars of the ARDEX Americas brands. Since the 50s, Henry® has lead the flooring industry as a top manufacturer of adhesives.

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