Wedi Shower System Job Installation Sample

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wedi® Waterproof Shower Systems offer reliable and cost-efficient solutions for constructing 100% waterproof and mold proof showers. It's easy installation opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths. wedi® shower systems blend the traditional values of design flexibility and robustness while offering the added benefits that come with state of the art material and manufacturing technologies.

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Wedi Shower Systems Applications

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Prefabricated Modules

wedi® Shower Niches Job Installation Sample

wedi® shower niches are a prefabricated building panel material line that offers seven different sizes that vary in shelving options. Choose up to 2 adjustable or removable upgradeable shelves.

wedi® Shower Seats and Benches Job Installation Sample
Seats & Benches

No additional framework support is needed and custom fabrication along with efficient installation are possible when you choose wedi® seats and benches.

wedi® Shower Curbs Job Installation Sample
Shower Curbs

Where transitions are required, wedi® curbs for shower entry designs can be installed in wedi Fundo® shower bases. Additionally, wedi® curbs may be used in conventional mortar bed systems.

Panels, Extensions & Ramps

wedi® Shower Building Panels Job Installation Sample
Building Panels

wedi® Building Panels for shower walls are the ultimate versatile waterproof tile backer board often used within the range of wedi® shower systems, but equally compatible for walls, floors, countertops and other wet room applications.

wedi® Shower Extensions and Ramps Job Installation Sample
Extensions & Ramps

wedi® prefabricated and pre-sloped shower floor extension panels and ramps connect to wedi Fundo® bases to expand the shower floor beyond the size of the base.

Accessories and Finishes

wedi® Shower Installation Accessories and Fasteners Job Installation Sample
Installation Accessories & Fasteners

wedi® installation accessories and tools are needed to put shower assemblies together. To guarantee maximum safety and easy handling, we offer the additional products needed for the installation.

wedi® Shower Finishes Job Installation Sample
Shower Finishes

wedi® offers a variety of premium finishing upgrades that add perfect final touches to your bathroom design. Choose a premium drain cover or niche shelf that match other fixtures in your bathroom.

Kits and Bases

wedi® Ligno® Shower Kit with Curbless Bases Job Installation Sample
Shower Curbless Kit (Ligno®) & Bases

The wedi® Fundo® Ligno® is designed to provide a low profile base thickness of only 3/4 in. (19 mm). This allows for a fast and flush installation into a subfloor assembly without cutting into floor joists. The system is designed to work without a curb.

wedi® Riolito® Shower Kit - Linear Drain Riolito Kit and Bases Job Installation Sample
Linear Drain Kit (Riolito®) & Bases

wedi’s Fundo® Riolito® linear drain shower base features the only fully sealed and factory integrated waterproof drain assembly available in the market of customizable shower floor systems with linear drainage.

wedi® Shower Curbed Primo Kit and Bases Job Installation Sample
Curbed Kit (Primo®) & Bases

The wedi® Fundo® Primo® Shower System features a strong and pre-sloped surface primarily made to work with a wedi curb and is waterproof due to wedi XPS foam‘s closed cell structure.

No more presloping, pan liner cracks or membrane pin holes, clogged drain weepholes and mold growth. Plus, reduce the traditional installation time and down times for a full shower floor preparation for tiling from 2 – 3 days to now 30 minutes. Once installed it is a tough floor element with no sponginess which is known to be a characteristic to many foams and especially EPS or expanded polystyrene foams. Put up a ladder, walk on it or work on it without inflicting irreparable damage.

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