Sigma® Tile Cutting Tools- Work Bench, Kera Cut Extension and Kera Flex Mount

Sigma® Tile Cutting Tools

Sigma® Brand Tile Cutting
Sigma® Tile Cutting Tools are manufactured with safety, durability and accuracy prototyped into every design. Sigma® specializes in the production of equipment for professional tilers and has done so since 1964.

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Sigma® Tile Cutting Tools Applications

Since 1964

Sigma® Work Bench and Attachments

Work Bench

Demountable and modular work benches, particularly suitable for working on slabs and large format tiles. Its aluminum structure makes the bench easy to carry but sturdy for a work surface. Easily attach equipment or expand by connecting additional benches.

Kera Cut System

Cutting equipment used for cutting large format tiles. Divisible Aluminum Guide made to fix on the tiles allowing the carriage to easily slide with the scoring wheel.

Kera Flex System

The Kera Flex System mounts onto the Kera Cut Guide allowing a cut up to 30mm thick. Easily handle thicker tiles.

Sigma® Edging and Lift Systems

Edging Tools

Tile edging tools that assist with miters up to 50° and bullnoses. Also, along with the guide, they are made to handle a miter as long as 30cm in a single pass.

Kera Lift Systems

Sliding Guides, suction cups and special equipment to handle lifting of large format tiles.

Sigma® Cutters and Finishing Tools

Tile Cutters

Tile Cutters with quick change systems, different push and pull technologies, shock absorbers, adjustable drivers, swing arms and various other options.

Installation Accessories

Suction cups, trowel beats and grouting tools for installing tile.

Changes in the tile making industry has kept the demand for quality tools and Sigma® has earned a solid reputation in the business.

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