wedi® Shower Installation Accessories and Fasteners Job Installation Sample

wedi® Shower Installation Accessories

wedi® Installation Accessories & Tools are necessary to assemble shower kits, building panels and wet areas. Lint Tile offers additional products needed for the installation to guarantee maximum safety and easy handling.

wedi® Sealant Accessories

wedi Joint Sealant 10oz 20oz Sausage


Vendor Item #US5000013- Style #WE-SEA JO-SEA
Vendor Item #US5000010- Style #WE-SEA JO-SEA20

wedi® SMP Polymer Sealant and Adhesive

A flexible sealant and construction adhesive that creates strong connections between wedi assembly parts without additional tape reinforcement—used for standard wedi shower installations with the wedi Fundo Primo, Fundo Ligno and Fundo Riolito. Use in wedi shower assemblies to adhere, seal and reinforce seams and connections and waterproof fastener points (No additional taping). A single component Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) especially formulated for high green strength (high immediate internal strength), adhesion in wet and alkaline environments, and permanent flexibility. The product forms strong connections between wedi components and provides watertight seals on and in joints and seams, and allows for dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration, or thermal movement. It is used to waterproof, connect and reinforce seams or fastener points.

Packaging: 10.5 oz Cartridge or 20 oz Sausage

620 Joint Sealant Wedi


Vendor Item #US5000088- Style #WE-VAP SEA-62010
Vendor Item #US5000083- Style #WE-VAP SEA-620

wedi® 620 Vapor-tight Flexible Sealant

wedi® Sealant 620 is indispensable in combination with wedi® Vapor 85 and wedi Subliner Dry. wedi® 620, unlike wedi® joint sealant, is not a standalone construction adhesive. Where wedi® 620 is used to adhere, connect and seal assembly parts, it needs to be used in combination with wedi Subliner Dry sealing tape reinforcing all seams and joints.

  • Use with a wedi® Sealing Tape to Dry Sheet Waterproof
  • Strong Connect Vapor 85 Assemblies
  • Waterproof/Affix Sealing Tape over Seams and Fastener Points
  • For Any wedi Subliner Dry Products
  • Packaging: 10.5 oz Cartridge or 20 oz sausage
wedi Sausage gun tip


Vendor Item #US5000019- Style #WE-SEA JO-GUN,
Vendor Item #US5000020- Style #WE-SEA RE-TIP

wedi® Sausage Gun & Replacement Tips

Easily apply wedi® Joint Sealant or Sealant 620. Used with either 10.5oz cartridges or 20oz sausages. Tips are sold separately.

Packaging: 1 GUN/CTN, 10 TIPS/CTN

wedi Subliner Dry roll


Vendor Item #US5000001- Style #WE-SUB MAT-39x16
Vendor Item #US5000005- Style #WE-SUB MAT-39x98

wedi® Subliner® Dry Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

Used to aid waterproof and vaporproof transition between floor and curbless shower or steam room access. Average curbless shower installation uses 2 rolls of 16ft. long wedi Subliner Dry® mat. Packaged in 16 foot long (53 sqft.) or 98 foot long (322sqft.) rolls (Sheets are 3 foot wide).

39" × 16' (53 sqft) or
39" × 98' (322 sqft)

Packaging: 1 ROLL/CTN

wedi waterproof sealing tape fleece laminated


Vendor Item #US5000002- Style #WE-SUB TAP-5X32

Fleece Laminated Waterproof Sealing Tape

Used to waterproof, vaporproof, and secure transition seams in steam applications. Average 3 x 6 foot steam shower with 4 walls, ceiling and 2 benches uses 3 rolls of wedi sealing tape.

5" x 32.8' (127 mm × 10 m)

Packaging: 1 ROLL/CTN

wedi Subliner Dry Corner Seal


Vendor Item #US5000007- Style #WE-SUB IN-COR,
Vendor Item #US5000008- Style #WE-SUB OUT-COR

wedi® Inside/Outside Corner Sealing Tape

Apply to any corners within 36" of the wet area.

4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 2 1/4"
(115 x 115 x 57.15 mm)

Packaging: 2/PACK, 1PACK/CTN

wedi tub sealing tape


Vendor Item #US5000084- Style #WE-SUB TAPE-TUB

wedi® Tub Sealing Tape with Waterproof Butyl Connection Strip

Use with acrylic and plastic tubs and showers to waterproof tub edges without nailing flange to wall assemblies.

4.72" × 11.8' (120 mm × 3.6 m)

Packaging: 1 Roll/Box, 1 Box/CTN

wedi fiberglass self adhesive mesh tape


Vendor Item #095225053- Style # WE-SUB TAPE-MESH

Self Adhesive Mesh Tape

Use to cover joints, seals and transitions.

5" × 82' (125 mm × 25 m)

Packaging: 1 ROLL/CTN

wedi Corner Putty Knife


Vendor Item #US5000044- Style #WE-SEA JO-KN

wedi® Corner Putty Knife

Putty knife blade markers indicate proper seam treatment width. Shaped with round tip for corner seam sealant application and often used in combination with standard flat putty knifes on flat seams or fastener point sealant application.

Packaging: 1PC/BAG 25 BAGS/CTN

wedi® Fasteners

wedi washers with tabs


Vendor Item #US5000009- Style #WE-FAS WAS-1000

wedi® Galvanized Tab Steel Washers

wedi® 1 1/4" tabbed washers provide four tabs for fast and secure placement & a solid gauge according to ISO standards and less potential for deformation. Install wedi® Building Panels to wall framing using wedi® fasteners & washers for safe load distribution.

Packaging: 1 1/4" - 1000 PCS/BOX 1 BOX/CTN

wedi Non Rust Screws coarse thread


Vendor Item #US5000012- Style #WE-FAS SCR-1000

wedi® Ceramic Coated Coarse Thread Screws

Use Non- Rust Phillips head Screws with ceramic coating (ACQ compliant) with wood or metal framing 20 gauge or lighter.

Also Available:
Self Tapping Screws for Metal Studs-
Vendor Item # US5000018
1 1/4" - 100 PCS/BOX

Packaging: 1 5/8" - 1000 PCS/BOX 1BOX/CTN

wedi coarse thread with steel tab


TAB- Vendor Item #US5000070- Style #WE-FAS SCR-100
NO TAB- Vendor Item #US5000086- Style #WE-FAS MET-1-5/8

wedi® Tabbed or Tabless Fastener Kit

Plan to use 1 wedi screw and washer per ft2 of wedi Building Panel. Tabbed washers provide four tabs for fast and secure placement. Use tabless for flooring with 1/4 in. panel, as well as with the wedi Vapor 85 Building Panel.

Pictured (TAB)
100 Coarse Thread Screws - 1 5/8"
100 Tab Steel Washers - 1 1/4"

Packaging: 200 PCS/BOX 1 BOX/CTN

wedi® Valve & Drain Accessories

wedi Recess Installation Kit


Vendor Item #US5000085- Style #WE-FUN LIG-KIT

wedi® Fundo® Ligno® Recess Installation Kit

For recessing plywood floors between floor joists or a wedi® Fundo® Ligno® Shower Base up to 60 in. x 60 in. (1524 × 1524 mm) in size. Can be used for over 16" o.c. 2 x 10 solid joists as well as engineered joists.

5' × 5' for 3/4" Plyboard

Packaging: 1 UNIT/CTN

Wedi Click Seal Drain


wedi® Fundo® Click and Seal™ Drain

“Click“ sound as check point marks visible from top view into drain confirm the drain has properly sealed to wedi base.

Packaging: 1 UNIT/CTN

  • Commercial grade, solid drain body 
  • Fundo Click and SealDrain fits all Fundo shower bases
  • Drain Assembly included with every Fundo shower base or kit
  • Drain cover can move both vertically and laterally to accomodate any size tile 
  • Drain cover can be selected a la carte, but standard cover remains included with Kits
  • Drain is equipped with extra weepholes for faster draining of water from thinset mortar layer
  • Hair strainer now included in drain assembly
  • Fast, clean and simple installation 
  • No plumbing license, glue or sealant needed
  • “Click“ sound as check point marks visible from top view into drain confirm the drain has properly sealed to wedi base. 
  • Seals to ABS, PVC, or cast iron waste pipe- even on drain/floor pipes up to 5° out of plumb
  • A special kit is available to seal to copper pipe
  • Can be cleanly and safely disassembled and reassembled, if plumbing needs to be replaced 




Vendor # 77000054

Fundo Click and Seal™
Height Adjustment Kit

Drain Cover Extension, Alignment Ring 1, Snap Ring 2

Vendor # US9500100

Fundo Click and Seal™
Replacement Kit Copper Pipe

Special Sealing Gasket and Compression Spacer for Copper Pipe, Lubricant

Vendor # US9400101

Fundo Click and Seal™
Drain Kit 2”

Drain Body, Sealing Gasket, Compression Spacer, Locking Nut, Strainer key, Lubricant

wedi flexi collar Mixing Valve Flexi Collar


wedi® Sealing Collars

These can be installed in all shower and steam room installations with wedi Subliner Dry and the wedi Vapor 85 system. In steam room installations be sure to use wedi 620 Sealant. In wedi Fundo shower assemblies and where applied over wedi Building Panel, you may use regular wedi Joint Sealant to install the products.

5" x 32.8' (127 mm × 10 m)

Packaging: 1 ROLL/CTN

Item #



Vendor # US5000033

Flexi Collar
1/2”-3/4” Pipe Protrusion

4 3/4” x 4 3/4”
(115 x 115 mm)

Vendor # US5000000

Mixing Valve Flexi Collar

ø 3 15/16”
(100 mm)

wedi brand
No more presloping, pan liner cracks or membrane pin holes, clogged drain weepholes and mold growth. Reduce the traditional installation time and down times for a full shower floor preparation for tiling from 2 – 3 days to now 30 minutes. It is a tough floor element with no sponginess, a characteristic known to many foams especially EPS or expanded polystyrene foams. On wedi: put up a ladder, walk on it, work on it without inflicting irreparable damage.

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