Sigma® Work Bench

Sigma® Work Bench

The Sigma® work bench is demountable and modular and made to be particularly suitable for working on slabs and large format tiles. Its aluminum structure makes the bench easy to carry but sturdy for a work surface. Easily attach equipment or expand by connecting additional benches with the expansion kit.

Sigma® Work Bench & Extender

Sigma® Work Bench - Demountable and Modular Aluminum Workbench Vendor item #63F Stock Item #SI-TO-WB


Vendor Item #63F - Stock Item #SI-TO WB

Sigma® Work Bench

A demountable and modular workbench, particularly suitable as a support for working slabs and ceramic tiles. The Sigma® work bench has an aluminum structure, which is light and sturdy. Sigma® built the work bench so various equipment is easily attachable, such as a Kera-Cut cutting guide, a table fixing kit for simple bevel and jolly edge, accessories like clamps for tile (item 400), hooks for support the Kera-Cut cutting guide (item 402), tile rise spacers to make transversal cuts with a diamond blade (art 409).

  • Demountable & modular
  • Suitable for working slabs
  • Light but sturdy
  • Easily attach cutting guide & clamps
  • Supports fixing kits for special cuts

Package: 5 pieces - 70” x 60” x 32”

Sigma® Work Bench Extension


Vendor Item #63FP - Stock Item #SI-TO WB-EXT

Length Extension for Sigma® Work Bench

Extension brackets made to attach to a Sigma® work bench so that the table can be extended to hold longer tiles or slabs. Increase the length up to 280cm. The extensions are 105cm long.

  • Easily position aluminum planks
  • Extends up to 110"
  • Demountable & Modular
  • Supports fixing kits

Package: 6 BARS 35”

Sigma® Work Bench Accessories

2 Piece clamp kit designed for Sigma® Workbench


Vendor Item #400 - Stock Item #SI-TO CLAMP

Correctly Stop Tile or Slabs

Sigma® workbench clamps are indispensable to fix the tile correctly during processing. Precision made to be easily attachable through the bars of the workbench.

Package: 2 Clamps / Kit

2 Piece Hooks Kit for Sigma® Workbench


Vendor Item #402 - Stock Item #SI-TO HOOK

Attachable Work Bench Hooks

Sigma® hooks easily attach to the workbench support and are used to protect the Kera-Cut cutting guide from accidental impact.

  • Easily attachable
  • Protects the cutting guide

Package: 2 Hooks / Kit

Sigma® Work Bench Spacers


Vendor Item #409 - Stock Item #SI-TO SPACER

Spacers for Disc Cutting

Sigma® workbench spacers raise the tile, allowing it to be cut with a transverse disc without damaging the workbench. *Not made for score cutting.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Easily Attachable

Package: 50 PC KIT

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