HENRY Vinyl Sheet Tile and Plank Adhesives Sample

Henry Vinyl Plank Adhesives

Henry vinyl sheet tile and plank adhesives are suitable to use with any vinyl backed flooring goods including LVT and LVP and recommended for frequently renovated areas.

HENRY 422 Fortify Adhesive


Vendor Item #422 Fortify - Style #AR-ADH 422-4GAL
#AR-ADH 422-1GAL

Wet-set Vinyl-backed Flooring Adhesive

HENRY® 422 Fortify is a premium, high-strength adhesive with synthetic fibers for the permanent installation of vinyl-backed flooring. As a wet-set adhesive, HENRY 422 Fortify generates high, ultimate bond strength, and also builds strength quickly for challenging vinyl installations while preventing slippage of the flooring and minimizing adhesive displacement. Its versatility and overall performance make it suitable for all formats and sizes of vinyl-backed flooring, including vinyl tile, plank and vinyl-backed sheet.

  • Synthetic fiber-reinforced
  • Wet-set/hard-set
  • Reduced LVT and LVP slippage during install
  • Reduced adhesive displacement (knee marks)
  • Use with any vinyl-backed flooring goods (LVT and LVP, homogeneous, heterogeneous)
  • Packaging: 4 GAL 1PC/CTN, 1 GAL 4PC/CTN
HENRY 650R Releasable Bond Adhesive


Vendor Item #650 R - Style #AR-ADH 650R-4GAL

Releasable Bond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

A solvent-free, acrylic polymer-based, releasable flooring adhesive. When installed in a pressure-sensitive dry-to-the-touch state, the floor covering bond will be releasable and the adhesive will remain tacky and capable of providing re-bond capability throughout its service life. Delivers a truly releasable bond in the upward peel direction, while at the same time providing heavy commercial traffic-rated bonding strength in the lateral shear direction.

  • 99% RH moisture resistant
  • Ideal for frequently renovated commercial and residential spaces
  • Excellent resistance against plasticizer migration
  • Unlimited working time available if needed
  • Packaging: 4 GAL 1PC/CTN, 1 GAL 4PC/CTN
HENRY 695 Vinyl Flooring Adhesive


Vendor Item #695 - Style #AR-ADH 695-4GAL
#AR-ADH 695-1GAL

High RH Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

A solvent-free acrylic polymer-based adhesive. Its excellent resistance against damage from vinyl plasticizer migration make it ideal for LVT and other types of vinyl-backed flooring. Sheet flooring installers may choose to lay in and re-position the floor covering while the adhesive remains in its initial wet state, while the installers of vinyl tiles and planks often prefer to lay in for up to 4 hours while the adhesive is in a dry-to-the-touch (pressure-sensitive) state. Its overall versatility and outstanding bond strength make HENRY® 695 a leading choice for both commercial and residential environments.

  • Designed for installing LVT as well as vinyl sheet goods.
  • 99% RH moisture resistant
  • May be used in a dry-to-the-touch (pressure-sensitive) state, or as a wet-set.
  • Excellent resistance against plasticizer migration
  • 4 hours of Working Time available if needed
  • Packaging: 4 GAL 1PC/CTN, 1 GAL 4PC/CTN
HENRY 647 Plumpro Rolling Adhesive


Vendor Item #647 PlumPro- Style #AR-ADH 647-4GAL
#AR-ADH 647-1GAL

Fast-Track, Roll-Apply Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

A solvent-free acrylic polymer-based adhesive designed for fast-track installations in both commercial and residential settings. Roller-applied, this adhesive achieves a dry-to-the-touch state (ready to receive flooring), in as soon as 10 minutes.

  • Ideal for ultra-fast-track installations of LVT in both commercial and residential settings, see “Use for” section for complete listing of all recommended vinyl flooring types
  • 99% RH moisture resistant
  • Dry-to-the-touch (ready to receive flooring) in mere minutes
  • Apply with roller from a standing position
  • Flooring may be laid in for up to 8 hours if needed
  • Traffic the new floor immediately
  • Outstanding coverage 1,200 – 1,600 sq. ft. per 4 gal. pail
  • Eliminate adhesive trowel ridge telegraphing/show through
  • Packaging: 4 GAL 1PC/CTN, 1 GAL 4PC/CTN
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In 2000, the W.W. Henry Company became a part of ARDEX Americas, and today Henry® is one of the pillars of the ARDEX Americas brands. Since the 50s, Henry® has lead the flooring industry as a top manufacturer of adhesives.

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