wedi® Shower Extensions and Ramps Job Installation Sample

wedi® Shower Extensions and Ramps

wedi® prefabricated and pre-sloped shower floor extension panels and ramps connect to wedi Fundo® bases to expand the shower floor beyond the size of the base. wedi® ramps for shower entry designs where transitions are required can be installed with wedi Fundo® shower bases as well as conventional mortar bed systems.

wedi® Extensions

wedi straight extension panel 48"x24"


Prefabricated Sloped Extension Panels

The sloped extension panels come as a straight one way sloped base element, which can be added to Primo® / Ligno® shower base sides or miter cut and notch connected to make corner extensions that would extend the shower floor beyond one side. The extension panels fit to Riolito® 4 way slope models as well but the connection height to the groove / channel connection must be compensated for.

Packaging: 1 PC 1 PC/CTN

Straight Extension Panel, Pre-grooved

48 in. x 24 in. sloped 1/4 in./ft
(610 x 1219 mm sloped 2%)

Vendor# 073783528
Style# WE-EX BE-4X2

Straight Extension Panel "Lean", Pre-grooved

72 in. x 12 in. sloped 1/4 in./ft
(1829 x 305 mm sloped 2%)

Vendor# US3000036
Style# WE-EX BE-6X1

Ligno Extension Panel, Pre-grooved

12 in. x 60 in. sloped 1/4 in./ft
(305 x 1524 mm sloped 2%)

Vendor# US3000035
Style# WE-EX BE-1X5

wedi® Shower Ramp

wedi sloped shower ramp 5'x15"


Vendor Item #073736517- Style #WE-EX SR-5X1

ADA Compliant Shower Ramp

For ADA compliant entry designs without a recessed shower floor space use an ADA ramp to create safe access onto the shower floor.

5 ft. x 15 in., sloped 1 1/2 in. to 1/4 in.
(1524 x 406.4 mm, sloped 38.1 to 6.35 mm)

Packaging: 1 PC 1 PC/CTN

wedi brand
No more presloping, pan liner cracks or membrane pin holes, clogged drain weepholes and mold growth. Reduce the traditional installation time and down times for a full shower floor preparation for tiling from 2 – 3 days to now 30 minutes. It is a tough floor element with no sponginess, a characteristic known to many foams especially EPS or expanded polystyrene foams. On wedi: put up a ladder, walk on it, work on it without inflicting irreparable damage.

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