Handles Kit for the Sigma® Kera Lift slide.

Sigma® Kera Lift System

Sigma® Kera Lift System aids in lifting and handling of large format tiles while it's easily modifiable without the use of any other tool. The lift system adapts to any shape.

Sigma® Kera Lift Systems

Sigma® Kera Lift aluminum sliding guides


Vendor Item #1A4 - Stock Item #SI-TO KL-6SUK

Frame with suction cups for lifting, handling and laying of large tiles.

Kera-Lift aluminum sliding guides with 6 suction cups will adapt to any shape of slab. Aids in lifting, handling and laying large tiles and panels. Suction cups slide along the profiles. 134" Max and 76" Min. Includes: carriage, 2 pump suction cups, 6 manual suction cups, 4 anti-fall braces.

  • Aids in lifting large tiles
  • Demountable & modular
  • Suitable for working slabs
  • Light but sturdy
  • Suction cups slide
  • No tools necessary to modify

Package: 1 Lifting Kit / Ctn

Sigma® Kera Lift 4 aids in lifting large tiles


Vendor Item #ID2 - Stock Item #SI-TO KL-4SUK

Portable Lift System

Kera-Lift 4 includes 4 tilting suction cups and 2 fall protection safety clips. Aids in lifting and handling of large panels and tiles. Freely modify without the use of any other tool. Easily adapts to any shape. Suction cups slide along the profile. This kit can handle lengths between 195 and 340cm and panels that are between 20 -80 cm wide. Recommended weight limit is maximum 40kg.

  • Tilting Suction, Easily Adaptable
  • Transportable
  • Handle large tiles with ease

Package: 1 Kit / Ctn

Sigma® Kera Lift Accessories

Handles Kit for the Sigma® Kera Lift System.


Vendor Item #424 - Stock Item #SI-TO HANDLES

Kera Lift Handles

Aids in lifting slabs by inserting into the kera-lift slide.

  • Stain free Rubber
  • Contains 2 handles
  • Compatible with previous versions of Kera Lift

Package: 2 Handles / Kit

Carriage Kit for Sigma® Kera Lift


Vendor Item #421 - Stock Item #SI-TO CARRIAGE

Easy Carry for Long Transports

Carriage kit allows frame movement in an easy and safe way. The rotating wheel makes it possible to run route with curves. The trestles allow the perfect support of the slab even during the application of glue. There are two safe anti-fall brackets coated in rubber.

  • Easy frame movement
  • Run routes with curves

Package: 1 Kit / Ctn

Pump Suction Cup designed for Kera-Lift Kit


Vendor Item #51P4 - Stock Item #SI-TO PUMP-SUC

Kera Lift Pressure Cup

ø150mm pump suction cup is excellent for rough materials. Has a capacity max of 90kg (45kg to CE rules).

  • Excellent for rough material
  • Aids in Handling and Lifting
  • Specifically designed for Sigma® Kera Lift System

Package: 1 cup / Kit

Sigma® Kera Lift ø150mm suction cup protector


Vendor Item #10518 - Stock Item #SI-TO PROT

Suction Cup Covers

Protection for 150mm Suction Cups. Aids in minimizing damage to the rubber.

  • Prevent Damage in Transport
  • Protect Pads from Debris

Package: 1 Item / Kit

Sigma® Kera Lift System Manual Suction Cup 51D2


Vendor Item #51D2 - Stock Item #SI-TO LEV-SUC

Manual Suction Cup

Aluminum Suction Cup, ø 120mm. Max capacity 40kg (10kg to CE rules). This model mounts on the Kera Lift System.

  • Strong locking
  • Stain-free rubber
  • Designed to handle rough materials

Package: 1 Item / Ctn

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